Welcome to the Hsinchu County American School!

Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) was established in 2016 to fulfill the vision of Dr. Johnson Korrnell Huang to challenge the current education system in Taiwan. In summary, he saw the need to produce students who will have a lasting impact on society – changing the world and saving lives. Dr. Huang also envisioned students who will stop, think (critically), and act (fearlessly).

Dr. Huang believes that just as the purpose of a hospital is to save lives and to alleviate pain, the mission of a good school is to influence the future generations and to create aspirations. By combining the Western educational principles with Chinese educational philosophies, students at HCAS will benefit by learning the best of both cultures while being oriented and setting their standards toward North America. Regardless of whether our students decide their futures in Taiwan or abroad, they will be equipped for success in our complex globalized society.

All of us are living in the Information Age where the free market system enables global competition and faster interaction from anywhere on the planet. Our students will face challenges in the 21st Century that we, as parents, have never encountered before. We do not need to look far to see how disrupting innovative forces continue to change and shape our world.

Education is a powerful tool that can preserve the legacy of our forefathers, and it is also an outlet that can offer limitless possibilities for the future. Therefore, for the present, we need an education system that will enable our students to succeed in the globally connected world. This education system should cultivate creative talents, enhance individual strengths, and produce innovative talents. In short, we need to produce entrepreneurial leaders who can think outside the box and collaborate with people anywhere in the world.

Moving forward, our school will build on a progressive education system of America called the Dalton Plan. As a framework, Dalton Plan will help to conceptualize our philosophy and enable our students to follow their passion as individuals and to foster their social development via collaboration. We are committed to providing an education that meets students’ interests, abilities, and needs. We challenge each student to develop intellectual independence as well as a sense of responsibility for other.

By working together with all of our stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, and staff), our school envisions providing an education system that is desperately needed for the 21st Century. It is my hope that our website will bring you closer to visiting our dynamic school in the near future. Thank you.


Peter Shon
Head of School
M.A., Ph.D. in progress