College Counseling

College Counseling


2018-2019 School Profile

College Handbook

Our goal is to help the students be admitted to the best fitted university for them and we will assist them every step of the way.

Our responsibilities include:

  • General College Counseling
  • Community Service Hours Coordination
  • College Visits Coordination
  • Course Selection
  • AP Exam Coordination
  • PSAT Administration
  • SAT Administration
  • BridgeU Administrator

It is always a big decision when it comes to choosing a university, and we understand both parents and the students’ anxiety, so we welcome and encourage parents and students to make an appointment with the college counselor to talk about your plans for the future.  Parents who do not speak English should not be discouraged to contact us as our we offer this service in Mandarin as well as English.

We look forward to working with all of you.