First Program

First Program

First Program 2

At HCAS, we are proud to offer our First Program (elementary) students a diverse and well-rounded curriculum.  Our core curriculum encompasses Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  We also offer students an enriched curriculum in Art, Music, Physical Education/ACAT, Computer Science, Education on Morals/Ethics, and Health Education.  English is our primary language of instruction; however, students take daily courses in Chinese as well.  Students are also given time to further explore subjects they are interested in during lab, with a teacher as their mentor.  In addition to the curriculum, students are also offered a wide variety of daily extracurricular activities. 

Our highly competent and talented faculty and staff work together to organize school events such as field trips, contests, and fairs.  We also collaborate with parents through ongoing communication, so we can ensure that every child’s needs are met as they progress through their education. 

It is important for us that our students look forward to coming to school every day.  We recognize the importance of fostering a positive learning environment where our students can develop a love for learning that they will carry for the rest of their lives.  We understand that children learn in different ways and at different paces, and we strive to accommodate the needs of individual students.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated in assuring that each and every student feels comfortable as part of a learning community where he/she can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.  Every class is encouraged to have their own sense of classroom community, and to be part of the greater school and local communities.  Students regularly work in groups to develop a strong foundation of communication and problem-solving skills needed for an ever-changing world in the 21st century. Most importantly, our students are encouraged to become independent and inquisitive learners, as they prepare for education beyond the First Program. 

Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4
English - 1English - 2English - 3English - 4
Social Studies - 1Social Studies - 2Social Studies - 3Social Studies - 4
Mathematics - 1Mathematics - 2Mathematics - 3Mathematics - 4
Science - 1Earth Science - 2Life Science - 3Physical Science - 4
Physical Education & HealthPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & Health
Fine Arts/Music/ComputerFine Arts/Music/ComputerFine Arts/Music/ComputerFine Arts/Music/Computer
Chinese *Chinese *Chinese *Chinese *

Time Table for First Program

TimeGrade 1 & 2
8:00am ~ 8:40am1st Period
8:45am ~ 9:25am2nd Period
9:30am ~ 10:10am3rd Period
10:15am ~ 10:55am4th Period
11:00am ~ 11:40am5th Period
11:45am ~ 12:25pmLunch
12:30pm ~ 1:10pm6th Period
1:15pm ~ 2:00pmLaboratory
2:05pm ~ 2:45pm7th Period
2:50pm ~ 3:30pm8th Period
3:30pm ~ 3:40pmDeparture Time
3:40pm ~ 4:30pmExtra-curricular Activities
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