House System

The House system is widely used in Commonwealth and private schools in North America. It is also a part of the Dalton Plan. At Hsinchu County American School (HCAS), the House system encourages both school and team spirit. Houses are committed to enhancing student relationships while fostering and encouraging team spirit, and a sense of belonging together regardless of age or grade. HCAS has chosen to implement a House system with each student and faculty member assigned to one of four houses named after the “four gods” of Chinese mythology as they represent qualities important to and inherent in the HCAS mission statement.


While school and team spirit are promoted, the house system also encourages integration, responsibility and a sense of community among our students. Membership in a house is life-long in theory. Each student should be responsible for the well-being of fellow members and be proud to work for the betterment of the House. Houses will work together and compete in academic, sporting, service projects and events.

House Leadership

Each House will have its own student leadership team consisting of a House Captain, Vice-Captain, and a Faculty Liaison. These 3 will be elected by the individual Houses and represent the House on the Student Council. The Student Council is elected by the whole school and consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Co-coordinator.

The House System Mentors team consists of a House Coordinator (a lead teacher) and House Advisors (also teachers) for each House. Each House Advisor is assigned approximately 5 students across grade levels. The Advisor will see the students during the week and during House time. The House Advisor acts as a mentor, and guide to the student and a point of contact for the parents if there is any problems with academics or community life.

House Competition

Each House is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of house points at the end of each term and most importantly by the end of the year when there will be prizes. Regular house point totals will be advertised in the Student Council Room, in the Student lounge and other places.

Students can contribute to their house point totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom. All students are expected to participate in at least one of the many house events/activities.

Merits Based Points - Students are awarded points for outstanding effort and achievement.

House Activities – House activities are organized by the House Leaders and House Captains.

Clubs - Students can also earn house points for their involvement with clubs inside or outside school. These can be achieved by pupils showing commitment through high attendance, outstanding effort and outstanding achievement.

Achievement - Students can also earn house points for varying achievements such as: Placing in a local or national competition in sports, music, or academic subjects.  They can also receive House points where students are nominated by staff for showing a positive attitude to school life and its community.

Extra-curricular Competitions – Students can also earn house points if they regularly enter competitions advertised in school for: representing their school, showing commitment and an active sense of involvement with extra-curricular opportunities.

Attendance – Students who achieve 100% attendance in a term or those showing significant improvement receive a house point.

The culmination of points will allow one of the Houses to receive the House Cup at the end of the academic year.