Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

There are many stakeholders at Hsinchu County American School (HCAS).  These stakeholders include the Board of Trustees, parents, teachers, students, and members of the administration as well as the staff. Two of the important functions of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are to streamline the communication between parents and our school and to give support to our school.

PTA at HCAS was not created from appointment from the school nor by the election from the parent body.  Parents from all grades simply began to gather on a volunteer basis to share their concerns in an ad hoc manner until the body formed its own organization and momentum. HCAS then naturally decided to formally recognize this gathering as the official PTA meeting. As described by Horace Mann, individuals organized in voluntary associations, just as our education should be taught by the spirit, methods, and discipline of a free society.

Currently, parent representatives from all grades meet once a month on our school grounds to address their concerns. Minutes from meetings are then distributed to rest of the stakeholders in a timely manner.

Our parents are pressed for time, but they dedicate themselves to communicate and support our school.  We work together as stakeholders in the spirit of democracy, and for that, HCAS is always grateful.

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