School Life

School Life


Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) seeks to maintain a safe, healthy, and attractive campus environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Our 11,945 square meter of indoor space supports the evolving needs of the HCAS’s teaching, research and service mission. Our facility provides handicap access (if required) from the indoor garage level.

HCAS is located 2 minutes (driving distance) away from the nearest police station. In addition to the 24 hour security guards, all visitors are required to wear a visitor's badge to identify themselves.

The school has close to 100 digital Close Circuit Televisions (CCTV) cameras located throughout the campus building. All classrooms are transparent since a large section of the upper wall is composed of glass. Therefore, all of our teachers and students are visible from hallways (and video monitoring). Students and staff/faculty members are also required to use separate washrooms.

HCAS Library caters to students, faculty members and staff of the school with over 4,000 physical books. Our plan is to increase the volume of our collection on a yearly basis. Library system also comes with the web interface.

All of our spacious classrooms are equipped with the overhead projectors and black and white boards. We also have mobile smart boards for those who wish to incorporate technology in their classrooms.

For our Kindergarten and First Program students, we provide two outdoor playgrounds with rubber cushions. For our Kindergarten students, we have indoor playpen as well as napping beds.

According to Lynch at PBS, “learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up”. With music, orchestra, and art studios, our students can develop their creative passion and cultural competencies.

For STEM, HCAS provides spaces for robotics lab, physics lab, general science lab, and computer lab (28 computers). With the emphasis on hands on learning and project based assessments, we encourage our students to challenge themselves in the laboratories. HCAS is fully equipped with the wifi-connections and Ethernet cables throughout the campus.

Lastly, HCAS provides central air conditioning and imported water filtration system which accommodates overall comfort for safe learning environment. We invite you to tour our school virtually as well as in person at your convenience. Thank you for visiting our school facility.